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This year is an exciting year for Watford. 2022 marks 100 years since the town was awarded its borough status by Royal Charter.


Watford’s Charter was granted in recognition of the town’s increasing importance as a centre for industry, business and as a home for a growing community, who, like today, were the heart of the town’s success and popularity.


During 2022, we are marking this important milestone for our town with a range of events and activities - we would love everyone to get involved.

WATMC 1995.60_edited.jpg


On 18 October, 1922, Watford became a borough and received its Royal Charter of incorporation.
On this page you will see some of the images taken on that day when the whole town turned out to celebrate this important day together.


Watford Observer, our local paper, joined the celebrations, by publishing a Charter Souvenir booklet, which included details of the Incorporation Campaign and the text of the charter.

Watford Observer’s Charter Souvenir booklet: Watford's Rise And Progress - A Backward Glance


It would take far more space than is at our disposal to attempt to deal adequately with what may be termed the modern history of Watford. The principal factors in the growth of Watford have been its proximity to London, its railway facilities, and the breaking-up of the Cassiobury estate. Within the memory of many now living the town consisted almost entirely of one street --­ High-street. If told fully, the story of how the little country town grew, by stages, into the present thriving business community might be made quite fascinating.

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