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The spirit of carnival comes to Watford as town celebrates centenary and jubilee

A community-led Parade through the High Street will bring the spirit of summer, life and joy to the town as part of Watford’s Big Centenary Celebration and the Platinum Jubilee on Saturday 4 June.

Image provided by Amanartis

The parade will start from Queens Road (near Metro Bank) at 11am, progressing up the High Street, with dancers and performers joining the festivities as it makes its way to Cassiobury Park. People will be able to join in the fun with a flash mob at the top of the town centre by the Pond.

Local artist, Amma Gyan of Amanartis, has been working alongside the community to bring the Parade to life. Local children have been designing a display of grasses and flowers to create a living meadow and a symbolic expression of summer, life and joy. As the meadow moves through the town, it will celebrate Watford’s vibrant and diverse community for art, music and dance.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor said: “Watford’s centenary is a great way for our community to celebrate together. I am really looking forward to seeing how the effort and creativity everyone has put in over the last few months will come to life and provide a real spectacle to kick off our day of festivities.” Amma Gyan said: “The Parade will be a joyous, vibrant expression of Watford’s community spirit represented in the form of a large scale living growing meadow. Each elements highlights the vibrancy that is at the heart if of Watford. The parade will be an opportunity for the town to come together in celebration of that makes Watford great.” To catch sight of the parade, or to join in, the route and timing are:

  • 11am – Parade leaves Queens Road precinct (by Metro Bank)

  • 11:25am – Arrive at Atria entrance (by TGI Fridays)

  • 11:45am – Arrive at event space by Pond – prepare for the Candy Flash Mob

  • 12:10pm – BEEE Dance Company perform contemporary piece into Cassiobury Park

  • 12:25pm – Arrive in Cassiobury Park

A special thank you to CathARTic, Cassio School, St John’s Church of England, Jam Dance, BEEE Dance Company, Tiata Fahodzi, Watford Hornets Youth Team and Cornerstone Church, for their participation.

For the full programme for Watford’s Big Centenary Celebration, please click here

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